How To Sell Your House On Facebook eBook

Learn how to sell your home without paying estate agents fees following this easy 9 step process:

I saved 2268 in estate agents fees and you can too

In the UK 848,857 houses were sold in 2016 and I estimate at least 95% of those people paid an Estate Agent 2% or more of the sale price.

At an average of 2% that's:

2000 on a 100,000 house

4000 on a 200,000 house

6000 on a 300,000 house

Most people think that they need an Estate Agent to sell their home but the truth is you can easily sell your home without one

In July 2017 I sold my house without an estate agent and saved 2268

Would you like to sell your home without an estate agent and save an average of 2000+ in estate agents fees?

Here's my proven 9 step strategy:

In this book I will show the exact steps we took, including what happened after we accepted an offer and how to make our sale go as smoothly as possible without an estate agent.

9 Easy to Follow Steps, including:

  • How to avoid the mistakes most people make when selling their home
  • How to easily promote your home online for free
  • How to quickly and easily provide your house details to prospective buyers
  • How to be in charge of the process of selling of your home
  • How to choose the best solicitor

Save yourself 2000+ in estate agents fees and sell your home easily with my 9 step process for only:


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